We make the kiosk
you want.

At Beyond Kiosks, we specialize in finding solutions for difficult project requirements.
Let us create the perfect enclosure for your project, on time and on budget.


No more waiting around for preliminary sketches and hardware quotes. These kiosks are customized from the start.


We can design a kiosk that matches your brand identity and stands out in a specific environment.


Starting with a clean, attractive design is important. The sleek lines of our kiosks fit well with any decor.


We’ve simplified the production process so anything you need can easily be added. Just ask, and we’ll take care of the rest.


We save you money by starting with modular components, rather than creating each kiosk from scratch.


We build what we know - our kiosks are created using only parts and peripherals we've tested and approved so the final product works as intended.


Why choose us?

We’ve been designing interactive kiosks for over 30 years, which means we’ve had plenty of time to learn what works. We offer high-quality kiosk enclosures, accessories, software and branding to pull together any kiosk project, professionally and within budget.

Our experience creating complete kiosk systems means that we can answer almost any question you might have, from hardware to software and anything in between. Our commitment to excellence, both in kiosk construction and customer service, means that you can expect a smooth deployment with help whenever you need it.